Biden Blindsided by Question at CNN Climate Change Town Hall

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was blindsided by a question at CNN’s climate change town hall.

A Northwestern University doctoral student questioned Biden’s commitment on climate change because he was seeking campaign money from a fossil fuel executive.

The student Isaac Larkin, asked Biden, “How can we trust you to hold these corporations accountable when you are holding a high-dollar fundraiser held by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive?”

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked a follow-up question, “…if you’re going to a fundraiser given in part by this company that is pulling up natural gas, are you the right guy?”

Biden denied he was aware that Goldman was a fossil fuel executive because his name didn’t appear on the company’s SEC filing.

Previously, Biden promised he would not accept campaign money from fossil fuel interests.

People for Bernie exposed Biden for misleading the public because they found and Tweeted public information about the company, Western LNG, with Goldman’s name listed as a co-founder of the company.

Biden’s campaign defended him claiming Goldman is not really an executive with Western LNG.

David Turnbull, an activist who supports the “No Fossil Fuel Pledge,” challenged Biden.

The drama with Biden over accepting a fundraiser from a person with a fossil fuel business interest shows the environmental activists are aiming to take down the former vice president’s presidential campaign.