CNN Climate Change Town Hall Exposes Democrats Extreme Agenda

The CNN climate change town hall exposes the extreme agenda of the Democrats running for president.

On Wednesday night, the Democrats 2020 presidential candidates discussed climate change during CNN’s climate crisis town hall.

Each of the ten candidates participating in the town hall got a forty-minute opportunity to discuss climate change, their plans to address it and to take questions from the audience.

The candidates used extreme analogies to draw attention to climate change.

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg said climate change was “more challenging than WWII.”

Fossil fuel energy sources – coal, oil and natural gas – were broadly criticized with the candidates offering regulatory actions such as banning offshore drilling, banning fracking and coal-based electricity.

For example, former Vice President Joe Biden expressed an interest in closing coal power plants.

Transportation was addressed including a very strong preference to remove gasoline-powered vehicles from the road and using high-speed rail to transport people.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) favored abortion as a way to control the world’s population.

President Trump responded to the climate change town hall in a Tweet.

The Democrats running for president showed the country they are willing to advance radical policies to address climate change.

Such policies will loot Americans of their liberty by putting the federal government in control of almost every aspect of their lives.