Rahm Emanuel on Medicare for All and Health Care for Illegal Migrants: ‘an untenable position’

While 2020 presidential candidates are pushing for Medicare for All and free health care for illegal migrants as part of their platforms, not all Democrats agree with the candidates’ socialist policies.

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel disagrees with the candidates and their far-left views on health care for Americans and for illegal migrants.

Emanuel appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, calling the Democrat candidates stance on health care and illegal migrants “an untenable position for the general election,” and said, “This is reckless.”

In addition to Medicare for All and supporting illegal migrants, Democrat candidates are also pushing radical environmental policies.

For example, presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden wants to eliminate coal in America.

Biden also wants to replace vehicles with high-speed rails.

From a command and control energy policy like the Green New Deal to Medicare for All and health care for illegal migrants, far-left Democrats are advocating for policies that would harm our economy and our everyday way of life.