Republicans Win Two Special Election Contests in North Carolina

The Republican party won two special elections in North Carolina last night.

Republican Dan Bishop beat Democrat Dan McCready in the 9th Congressional district and Republican Greg Murphy defeated Democrat Allen Thomas in the 3rd Congressional district.

The Bishop race was closely watched since it was considered to be an indicator for the upcoming 2020 elections especially since the district includes a suburban area and was represented by Republicans for decades.

CBS News reports:

The Democrat McCready had an advantage because he ran in the 2018 race which he lost but the result was negated by the North Carolina Board of Elections.

Bishop was a first-time Congressional candidate and he had to win a primary race to face McCready.

The contest was considered very tight but Bishop’s victory was helped by a President Trump rally the night before the election in Fayetteville – a fact the media acknowledged.

Bishop spoke at President Trump’s rally.

President Trump celebrated the Bishop victory.

The victories show President Trump is popular in North Carolina, an important state in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.