Biden Angry Response to Conflict of Interest Question Regarding Ukraine

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden angrily responded to a question about a possible conflict of interest in Ukraine while he served in the Obama administration.

The question was based on the fact that Biden’s son Hunter was on the board of directors of a Ukrainian natural gas company when as Vice President Biden was given the responsibility for dealing with the country by former President Obama.

After his time serving as vice president, Biden bragged how he forced Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating government corruption that might have included the natural gas company.

Watch Biden’s angry response:

Biden’s full statement denying Ukraine corruption:

President Trump is forcing the media to cover the possible Biden conflict of interest matter by bringing attention to the former vice president’s actions regarding Ukraine.

Biden is angry because his poll numbers are falling and his fundraising is lagging in part due to the possible conflict of interest charge.