Commentary: Trump is the Real Deal for Blacks Economically

Originally published in The Philadelphia Tribune

Black Americans are better off today than ever before, and President Donald Trump deserves full credit for empowering the Black community with the opportunity to achieve such unprecedented prosperity.

Donald Trump’s policies have rejuvenated the U.S. economy. Thanks to the President’s middle-class tax cuts, for instance, taxpayers saved an average of $1,400 on their federal income taxes in 2018 alone. Meanwhile, President Trump’s ongoing campaign to slash business-stifling regulations has sparked a surge of job creation that continues to this day.

Black Americans have been among the foremost beneficiaries of this economic resurgence. Since Donald Trump took office, more than 1 million new jobs have gone to Blacks, and the Black unemployment rate has reached an all-time-low of 5.5 percent — dropping by 2.2 percentage points in just two and a half years. As a result, the Black-white employment gap has also fallen to the lowest level ever recorded.

Just as importantly, the administration’s focus on promoting economic growth in underdeveloped communities is also paying dividends — by offering tax incentives to entrepreneurs, the President’s “Opportunity Zones” initiative is slated to drive approximately $100 billion in new investment into economically distressed communities all over the country, including Philadelphia. These investments will address the structural problems that trap residents of low-income communities in a cycle of poverty, providing quality jobs, eliminating “food deserts,” increasing the supply of affordable housing, and funding new infrastructure.

Black families are also enjoying greater financial stability thanks to President Trump’s actions to reduce the cost of health care. In addition to repealing President Obama’s horrific individual mandate, for instance, the Trump administration has also succeeded in expanding health care choices for American workers while making prices more transparent for patients. In addition, the administration’s push to expedite approval of low-cost generic drugs saved patients an incredible $26 billion in just the first 18 months following President Trump’s inauguration.

Contrary to the dishonest claims of do-nothing Democrats, the President clearly understands the daily struggles of Black Americans. His integral support for the most significant criminal justice reform in decades demonstrates that he’s committed to tearing down unfair systems that put the Black community at an economic disadvantage.

Thanks to the FIRST STEP Act, we’ve finally corrected the Clinton-era sentencing disparities that led to the mass incarceration of an entire generation of Black men, and non-violent criminals can now earn early release credits more easily through good behavior. The law also encourages innovative approaches to rehabilitating prisoners, such as professional skills training. Preparing inmates for successful lives outside of prison will directly tackle the problem of recidivism, since former prisoners are much less likely to re-offend when they’re able to become productive members of their community.

On almost every front, President Trump’s policies are genuinely improving the lives of Black people, which is why I’m so excited to take part in the Black Voices for Trump coalition and help spread the word about this historic turn-around for the Black community. The future success of our community will ultimately be decided in 2020, and we’re going to spend the next 13 months making sure everybody knows that Donald Trump is the one responsible for our recent prosperity.

Deneen Borelli is an American conservative author, columnist, Fox News contributor and serves as a member of the Black Voices for Trump coalition advisory board.