Criminal Probe of Former FBI Lawyer Over FISA Warrant Application

A bombshell CNN news story says a former FBI lawyer is under criminal investigation for allegedly manipulating an investigative document used to obtain permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to initiate surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz uncovered evidence and the findings were discussed on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” with host Wolfe Blitzer and Evan Perez.

BizPac Review reports:

“This is exactly what people close to the president have been saying, that the FBI committed wrongdoing in starting this investigation,” Perez said, appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room Thursday to share his reporting.

The CNN story notes the evidence of the document was given to U.S. Attorney John Durham who is looking into the origins of the Russia investigation that included Trump campaign activities conducted by the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration.

Inspector General Horowitz is expected to release his report on December 9 and is scheduled to testify in the Senate on December 11.

President Trump was interviewed on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” by phone and commented about the latest development.

Mediaite reports:

“What you’re dealing at the highest levels of government,” Trump answered. “They were spying on my campaign. This is my opinion. I said it a long time ago. Remember when I put out a tweet? And I talked about the wiretapping, in quotes, meaning modern-day version whatever wiretapping may be. And all hell broke loose.”

President Trump weighed in on Twitter prior to his “Fox & Friends” interview.

Others commented on Twitter over the handling of the investigations, including Donald Trump Jr. and Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY), as well as comments about federal officials “selectively leaking” information to CNN.

The upcoming release of the DOJ inspector general report will shed light on the way the FBI handled the FISA warrant applications including possible examples of additional misconduct.

If laws were broken, those responsible must be held accountable.