Democrats Slam President Trump Ahead of Another Week of Impeachment Hearings

Over the weekend, Democrats continued to push their attacks against President Trump. 

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff spoke at the California Democrats 2019 State Convention in Long Beach, California, and slammed President Trump by calling him a “charlatan” and proudly spoke about being part of the resistance against the president, saying, he is a “profound threat to democracy.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and went after President Trump, saying he’s “way over his head” and called him an “imposter.”

Pelosi also said President Trump, “undermines our national security, jeopardizes the integrity of our elections, dishonors his own oath of office — that’s about impeachment.”

President Trump hit back at Pelosi.

Republicans aggressively countered the Democrat impeachment effort by appearing on Sunday talk shows.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT).

Not all House Democrats are on board with the impeachment effort against President Trump.

Representative Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) voted against the impeachment inquiry and over the weekend said he’s “hearing out in the street is they’re kind of tired. They’re kind of worn out. They’re kind of bored, most folks. And they really want to move on unless there’s something new and amazing.”

President Trump commented about Van Drew on Twitter.

Democrats anti-Trump bias is proving everyday they are politically driven to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary.