Donald Trump Jr. Confronts ‘The View’ Hosts

Donald Trump Jr. confronted the hosts of ABC’s “The View” by calling out their hypocrisy over race and sexual assault.

Trump Jr. appeared with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle who also directly challenged the show’s hosts.

The president’s eldest son called out host Joy Behar on race by mentioning she once wore “blackface” as part of a costume and challenged host Whoopi Goldberg for playing down film director Roman Polanski’s statutory rape of a minor.

A number of people on Twitter jumped on the social media platform to expose “The View” hosts for misleading their viewers.

Behar and Goldberg denied the charge by Trump Jr. that Behar wore blackface.

But the evidence from a prior episode of “The View” showed Behar dressed as an African woman and admitted she used darker makeup.

Also, Goldberg appeared at an event with her then-boyfriend Ted Danson who wore blackface.

Guilfoyle also pointed out that Goldberg backed getting rid of President Trump following his election – another point that Goldberg denied but the following Tweet proves otherwise.

Finally, Guilfoyle gave a passionate defense of the Trump family.

It was great to see Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle expose liberal hypocrisy on their own turf.

Conservatives on Twitter are using the social media platform to correct the record – a role the media abandoned.