Obama Feels Biden ‘doesn’t have it’

Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is leading in the national polls but former President Obama appears to have a problem with his presidential run.

Politico reports Obama feels Biden “…doesn’t have it.”

Using Iowa and connecting with voters as a barometer, Obama told one candidate, “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

Obama’s resistance to Biden is a big problem for the former vice president because his campaign is linked to bringing back the Obama years in the White House.

Politically, Biden is trying to ride the wave of former President Obama’s popularity to become the Democrat nominee.

The Biden campaign produced a video making the link to Obama very clear.

It appears Obama’s former campaign manager David Axelrod shares Obama’s views and has consistently criticized Biden on CNN and on social media.

Axelrod mocked Biden’s “Best Friends Day” Tweet that linked the former VP to former President Obama.

Axelrod criticized Biden after the Democrat debate in Detroit, saying, “I think the good news for Joe Biden is this was maybe the best he could do, and the bad news is this may be the best he could do.”

Axelrod also compared Biden’s most recent debate performance to cartoon character Mr. Magoo.

While Biden leads in the national polls, the failure of Obama to support him puts the former VP’s campaign in troubled waters.