Senator Warren Medicare for All to Cost $52 Trillion

2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released her “Medicare for All” plan that is estimated to cost about $52 trillion.

Fox News reported on her plan.

Warren claims her plan will not raise taxes for middle-income families.

Instead of taxing the middle-class families, Warren is going after some of her favorite targets – the very wealthy and of course big corporations.

Warren plans to tax the wealthy and corporations.

Warren elaborated in another Tweet.

However, the cost of her plan will include the loss of millions of jobs.

Warren was interviewed at the 2020 Forum at New Hampshire Public Radio where she acknowledged her “Medicare for All” effort would kill about 2 million jobs.

Meanwhile, a New York Times/Siena College poll finds Warren leading her Democrat competitors in Iowa.

Warren’s “Medicare for All” plan will destroy the quality of medical care and the middle-class taxes will increase when she discovers her effort to tax the wealthy and corporations will not yield what she expects.