November Jobs Report Blows Away Expectations in Trump Economy

The November jobs report was a blowout with the U.S. labor market adding 266,000 to the economy, blowing away expectations of 187,000 jobs.

Under President Trump’s pro-growth economic environment, the jobs market is firing on all cylinders and Americans are benefiting.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the overall unemployment rate at 3.5%, a 50 year low.

During an interview on Fox Business Network with Stuart Varney, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said, “America is working,” and added, “And we’re just getting started.”

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross referenced there are “54,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector alone” and that “businesses are booming, manufacturing is back.”

The White House Council of Economic Advisors noted revisions for the months of September and October.

CNBC host Jim Cramer said, “This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life.”

CNBC reports:

“It doesn’t matter whether you hate him or like him, these are real numbers.”

“This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cramer said, zeroing in on the unemployment rate.

Minorities are benefiting in the booming job market, with black unemployment at 5.5 percent, and with black men maintaining October’s record-low unemployment of 5.1 percent.

Breitbart reports:

As a result, the unemployment rate for black men stayed at the all-time low of 5.1 percent hit in October.

The total number of black men employed in the U.S. rose to a seasonally adjusted 9,014,000, the highest on record.

President Trump is keeping his America First promise of a pro-growth economic environment that’s creating jobs resulting in the lowest unemployment in 50 years.