Tom Borelli Discussed Democrats Calling for Witnesses in Trump Impeachment on Newsmax TV

America’s Voice News contributor and Newsmax Insider Tom Borelli Ph.D. discussed the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump on “American Agenda,” on Newsmax TV.

The discussion focused on House Democrats demanding the Senate to call witnesses to testify and on the Senate’s strategy.

In December, House Democrats impeached President Trump along party lines on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and the articles were finally sent to the Senate after weeks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delaying the transfer.

Now, Democrats are demanding more witnesses during the Senate trial.

Tom said, “I think the whole fight over witnesses is a political battle and actually a public relations battle.”

Also regarding the motives of Democrats, Tom stressed they are trying to hurt Republicans running for election this year by saying the impeachment Senate trial is “unfair.”

“Impeachment is the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to remove President Trump from office,” Tom said.

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