Tom Borelli Slams Democrats Calling Senate Impeachment Trial ‘Unfair’ on America’s Voice News

America’s Voice News contributor Tom Borelli Ph.D. slammed Democrats calling the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump “unfair” and why their effort will backfire on “The Daily Report,” with host Christina Aguayo on America’s Voice News.

In December, House Democrats impeached President Trump along party lines on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and the articles were finally sent to the Senate after weeks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delaying the transfer.

Now, Democrats are demanding witnesses during the Senate trial.

Tom commented on the motivation for House Democrats demanding witnesses they could have previously called, saying, “Well at this point for the Democrats it’s all damage control,” and that the Democrats plan is to call the Senate process unfair will backfire on them.

Also, Tom said the Democrats’ plan is hypocritical and they are trying “to tarnish President Trump’s acquittal as well as trying to tarnish the Senate.”

House impeachment managers and President Trump’s legal team sent their respective legal arguments to the Senate last weekend in preparation for the impeachment trial set to begin this week.

NPR posted the legal documents from the Democrat impeachment managers and President Trump’s defense team.

Democrats advanced their argument to have witnesses testify during the Senate trial on Sunday morning political talk shows.

President Trump commented about Democrats calling “for fairness” on social media.

Democrat’s impeachment will backfire.

Democrats are desperate and will do anything to harm and discredit President Trump.

Tom appears on America’s Voice News‘ “The Daily Report” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.