Biden and Sanders Debate Exposes Extreme Policies

Last night, in a much-anticipated contest, former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders faced off in a two-hour debate.

Going into the debate, some believed Biden would not hold up during the two-hour contest and make a huge mistake that would jeopardize his lead in the primary.

Dispelling those concerns, the former vice president held his own and did not make a fatal error.

The candidates debated a wide range of topics including the coronavirus, health care, immigration, and climate change.

The most heated exchange was over government entitlements with Sanders challenging Biden over his past support for making cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Despite his denial, Biden did support freezing entitlements.

Here’s then-Senator Biden arguing for freezing Social Security and other entitlements on the Senate floor in 1995.

During the debate, both presidential candidates doubled down on their disdain for fossil fuels.

Sanders said he wants to stop all fracking and Biden said he wants to stop oil drilling.

Biden also said, “…not another new coal plant will be built.”

Sanders said his Medicare for All plan would cover illegal aliens.

Biden supports government-funded abortions.

On immigration, Biden argued he would ban all deportations during his first 100 days and after that, only those that commit felonies would be deported.

Biden also supports sanctuary cities.

Now that the Democratic field has narrowed with Biden and Sanders the last two candidates standing, Americans can clearly see the extreme ideas proposed by both candidates.