Biden Blunders Continue Despite Big Wins

2020 Democrat candidate former Vice President Joe Biden continues to blunder along the campaign trail despite his recent wins.

Biden had big victories in Super Tuesday, including surprise wins in Massachusetts and Texas.

Also, Biden’s South Carolina victory provided much-needed momentum, along with the last-minute endorsements from his former competitors, former mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

After a successful Super Tuesday night, Biden confused his wife Jill with his sister Valerie.

Biden’s been blundering along throughout his presidential campaign.

At an event in South Carolina, Biden told the audience he is “a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate,” and didn’t realize he made the mistake.

During a CNN town hall, Biden said his late son Beau was an “Attorney General of the United States,” but was actually the Attorney General of Delaware.

Following an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Biden ended the interview by calling him “Chuck.”

President Trump tweeted a montage of Biden’s blunders on the campaign trail.

Despite Biden’s blunders on the campaign trail, it’s now essentially a two-man race with socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democrats will either choose a socialist or a blunder machine to represent their political party in November.