Democrat Establishment Backs Biden to Defeat Sanders

The biggest week in politics this year kicked off last Saturday with the South Carolina primary and will continue with Super Tuesday tomorrow.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the South Carolina primary in convincing fashion. Biden got almost 50 percent of the vote, more than twice the second place winner Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who scored about 20 percent.

Following disappointing results in South Carolina, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out of the race.

Biden’s commanding victory gave much needed life and momentum to his campaign just before tomorrow’s crucial Super Tuesday contest in 14 states and where about a third of the Democrat delegates are up for grabs.

Klobuchar is expected to endorse Biden and it’s reported Buttigieg is talking to the former vice president. These late breaking developments look like the Democrat establishment is pooling resources to undermine Sanders’ run for the Democrat nomination for president.

Despite the big win, Biden continues to struggle with gaffs – he ended an interview on Fox News by calling the host the wrong name.

Going into Super Tuesday, Sanders is considered to be the favorite especially in the delegate rich states of California and Texas.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will make his first appearance in the race and his presence on the ballot is expected to negatively impact Biden.

President Trump commented on Bloomberg.

President Trump speculated Buttigieg dropped out of the race to help Biden.

Biden’s momentum from his South Carolina win is giving the Democrat establishment hope to beat Sanders but it may be too little too late.

Sanders has a powerful grassroots organization and money that Biden doesn’t have.