Sanders Biden Face Off on Tuesday Primary Day

Tuesday will be another important primary day for the Democrats.

2020 presidential candidates former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will face off in six states to gather delegates in their quest to secure the Democrat nomination.

Voters in Missouri, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Washington will be casting votes.

Michigan has the biggest delegate outcome with 125, followed by Washington State with 89 delegates.

Super Tuesday delivered a series of huge wins for Biden and he now has a slight lead in the delegate count.

Biden scored big victories across the country including surprise wins in Massachusetts and Texas, and coupled with endorsements from his former competitors, he’s carrying a lot of momentum into tomorrow’s primary race contests.

Also, Biden was helped by the complete collapse of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But Sanders is by no means out of the race.

Sanders won states in the West including the crucial state of California.

Jesse Jackson announced his endorsement of Sanders.

On “Meet the Press,” Sanders slammed the Democrat establishment for undermining his campaign.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Sanders attacked Biden on the Wall Street bailouts, trade issues and for supporting the Iraq war.

During the interview, Sanders was asked if he will drop out of the race.

Hillary Clinton criticized Sanders in her Hulu documentary, saying, “Nobody likes him.”

Meanwhile, Biden continues to make gaffs on the campaign trail.

After a successful Super Tuesday night, Biden confused his wife Jill with his sister Valerie.

President Trump tweeted a montage of Biden’s blunders on the campaign trail.

It’s now a two-man race and Sanders is seeking an advantage by running as the outsider by calling out the Democrat establishment for colluding against his run for president.

Sanders’ strategy can result in a deep political divide among Democrats which could harm Democrat turnout and help President Trump.