Trump Proves MSNBC Rachel Maddow Wrong Over Hospital Ships

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow challenged President Trump’s promise about Navy hospital ships arriving on-site in a short time period to help address the health crisis promoted by the coronavirus.

On March 20, Maddow called the president’s timing “nonsense” and went on to assert the ships would “…not be there next week.”

The problem for Maddow is only ten days later, the USNS Comfort pulled into New York City on March 30 and the USNS Mercy arrived in Los Angeles on March 27.

Here is Maddow’s comments about the Navy hospital ships:

USNS Mercy’s arrival to Los Angeles:

USNS Comfort’s arrival to New York City:

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo greeted the USNS Comfort in New York.

Maddow was completely wrong about the Navy hospital ships but the truth does not matter at MSNBC.

The entire cable network, including its hosts and guests at MSNBC, traffics in anti-Trump propaganda.

In fact, the entire business model at MSNBC is built on undermining President Trump.