Trump Halts US Taxpayer Money to WHO Over Coronavirus Mishandling

President Trump announced on Tuesday U.S. taxpayer money to the World Health Organization (WHO) will be halted “while a review is conducted.”

The president made the call during a press briefing in the White House Rose Garden over the way the United Nations agency addressed the coronavirus.

The WHO is being criticized for protecting China’s interests regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, the WHO promoted China’s inaccurate statement that the coronavirus can’t be transmitted from human to human.

The president said U.S. taxpayers provide $400 million to $500 million a year to the WHO versus China, which contributes roughly $40 million a year or less.

President Trump said, “We have deep concerns whether America’s generosity has been put to the best use possible.”

Following the announcement, the anti-Trump media criticized President Trump for withholding funds to the WHO.

CNN claimed it’s “another distraction.”

The New York Times reported President Trump was shifting blame.

The New York Times reports:

So on Tuesday, the president tried to shift the blame elsewhere, ordering his administration to halt funding for the World Health Organization and claiming the organization made a series of devastating mistakes as it sought to battle the virus.

Last week, the WHO criticized President Trump when he said he was considering suspending funding from the organization.

WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus took a shot at President Trump, saying, “If you don’t want many more body bags you refrain from politicizing it – please quarantine politicizing COVID.”

The anti-Trump media is ignoring the root cause of the coronavirus, China, and the fact the WHO is misleading the world over the severity of the crisis.

President Trump made the right decision to suspend taxpayer financial support to the WHO because they are a substantial part of the problem.