Schumer Blames Trump For Coronavirus

Democrats continue to blame President Trump, not China, over the coronavirus emergency.

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blamed the president for the coronavirus and questioned whether China was the source of the virus.

The Hill reported on Schumer’s comments.

Other Democrats, including Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, also blamed President Trump and not China for the COVID-19 outbreak.

While Democrats are deflecting accountability from China, President Trump left the White House yesterday to visit a Honeywell manufacturing plant in Arizona.

At the event, the president praised Honeywell for its prompt action to manufacture N95 masks and the importance of having a manufacturing base of products made in the U.S. with American workers.

President Trump promoted manufacturing independence on social media in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Schumer called the president’s trip to Arizona “another photo op.”

Presumptive Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden issued a press release to comment on President Trump’s trip to Arizona and criticize the president’s response to the coronavirus.

The Hill reports:

President Trump will try to paper over his administration’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic when he travels today to Arizona — but nothing can cover up how he failed to prepare our country for this pandemic and his slow response,”

Democrats continue to exploit the coronavirus crisis for political reasons and are so desperate, they are making excuses for China in an attempt to damage the president.