NYC Mayor de Blasio Defends Daughter Following Her Arrest During George Floyd Protest

New York City Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his daughter’s arrest during protests over the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

Floyd, a Minnesota black man, died while being arrested by police.

The arrest was caught on video and went viral showing Floyd was pinned down by a white police officer’s knee to his neck.

Video coverage of Floyd’s arrest shows he was unarmed and restrained with handcuffs.

Chiara de Blasio, 25-years-old, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly blocking traffic and refusing to move.

On Monday, Mayor de Blasio commented about her arrest at a press briefing, saying he was “proud of her that she cares so much.”

de Blasio also said his daughter “was acting peacefully.”

The New York Post reports:

“I love my daughter deeply, I honor her. I’m proud of her that she cares so much, she was willing to go out there and do something about it,” said de Blasio, who noted that when he found out Chiara was busted, he and McCray asked her to “recount” what happened.

During the press briefing, de Blasio said, “The media knew about this before I did.”

Extensive looting and rioting by lawless mobs continue across the country, especially in New York City, wreaking havoc on businesses and destroying neighborhoods.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted de Blasio for mishandling the looters and called for him to step down.

de Blasio’s defense over the arrest of his daughter speaks volumes about him and the question remains if there will be consequences for her actions.