Accused New York City Police Attacker Released Without Bail

A man accused of violently assaulting New York City police officers was arrested but let go without bail.

New York City police officers were violently attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge this week and the attack was caught on video.

A video of the attack and pictures of the injured officers were released to the public.

One of the men accused of attacks against the police was arrested but released.

The New York Post reports:

Quran Campbell, 25, is accused of socking the highest-ranking uniformed cop several times in the face as Monahan tried to arrest him after Campbell had allegedly punched another NYPD officer and lieutenant near the Manhattan approach to the bridge.

One of the injured was the NYPD Chief of Police Terence Monahan.

Monahan was interviewed on Fox News about the attack on himself and fellow police officers and blasted the judge’s decision on social media.

The latest attacks come as New York City Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio doubled down on his decision to disband the police department despite a spike in violence.

Violent crimes are significantly on the rise in New York City but de Blasio recently reached an agreement with the New York City Council to cut $1 billion from the city’s police department budget.

With crime and violent shootings escalating, de Blasio continues to ignore the dire consequences of defunding and disbanding the police department.

Critics slammed de Blasio on social media.

It’s outrageous New York City’s new bail reform law played a role in Campbell’s release.

Releasing violent criminals back onto the streets not only sends a message to other criminals that they won’t be held accountable but endangers the lives of citizens and police officers.