Biden History of Plagiarism Surfaces in Devastating Video

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s history of plagiarism is haunting the presumed Democrat nominee for president.

A devastating video was posted that highlights Biden’s past examples of plagiarism and lying about his academic record.

The push back against Biden followed his recent speech where the former vice president used President Trump’s “Buy American” platform.

President Trump called Biden out for taking his idea.

NewsBusters created a video that highlights Biden’s problems with plagiarism and for greatly exaggerating his academic record.

The video includes a series of negative comments from political pundits regarding Biden’s past presidential aspirations.

Lying and twisting his academic record is only part of Biden’s challenges.

The former vice president also recently lied about his views on fossil fuels.

During a Democrat debate, Biden said no new natural gas fracking.

He also said he wanted to eliminate fossil fuels including natural gas fracking.

However, while in Pennsylvania this week, Biden suddenly reversed course and claimed natural gas development is not going to be on the “chopping block.”

Keep in mind Pennsylvania is a big producer of natural gas through fracking and is also a swing state.

Biden is a typical politician who will lie in order to get votes.

The only conclusion is Joe Biden is a fraud.