NY Rep Jerry Nadler on Antifa and Portland Riots: ‘that’s a myth’

New York Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler refused to acknowledge and denounce Antifa and the ongoing violent protests in Portland and other parts of the country.

Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was caught on camera speaking with writer-producer Austen Fletcher.

When asked about Antifa, the uptick in violence and if he would denounce it, Nadler told Fletcher, “that’s a myth.”

Nadler was slammed on social media.

This Sunday marked the 60th night of violent protesters taking over the streets in Portland.

Portland police declared the protests a riot over the weekend.

The Washington Post reports:

In Portland, the authorities declared a riot after protesters breached a fence surrounding the city’s federal courthouse building. The “violent conduct of people downtown” created a “grave risk of public alarm,” the Portland police wrote on Twitter.

It’s reported police officers found ammunition and Molotov cocktails over the weekend.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell called for peace.

The ongoing riots are wreaking havoc to properties and continue to put innocent lives at risk and endanger law enforcement.

Nadler’s refusal to condemn Antifa and the nightly violence in Portland and other U.S. cities is reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible.