Obama Politicizes John Lewis Eulogy Says Federal Agents are Attacking ‘peaceful demonstrators’

Former President Obama politicized his eulogy for Representative John Lewis by slamming federal agents saying they are attacking “peaceful demonstrators.”

In his comments, Obama compared federal agents to racist Alabama Democrat Governor George Wallace.

Obama’s remarks on law enforcement were only a small part of his politically aimed eulogy.

The former president called for a range of changes to our elections including making voter registration automatic for all Americans, making election day a national holiday, allowing “equal representation” for citizens in Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico which means granting statehood, and Obama called for the end of the Senate filibuster rule.

Obama also raised voter suppression and promoted mail-in-voting.

Make no mistake about it, Obama’s remarks at John Lewis’ funeral was not a real eulogy but just an opportunity to deliver a radical political speech.

It’s all geared to motivate Democrats and black voters because former Vice President Joe Biden has low voter enthusiasm.