NYC Homeless Visibility and Violence Skyrockets Under Mayor de Blasio

New York City Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is miserably failing his constituents as violence, crime and chaos escalate.

Recently, hundreds of homeless men were quietly placed in several hotels where residents are witnessing drug use and drinking on the streets and parks, public urination, and harassment.

It’s reported some are registered sex offenders including pedophiles.

New York Post reports:

The city dumped at least six homeless pedophiles, all still on parole, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel just a block from an elementary-school playground — an apparent violation of state law, online records show.

A website, ILoveTheUpperWestSide was set up by local residents to call attention to the seriousness of the matter.

Making matters worse, de Blasio defunded the police budget by $1 billion and ended New York City’s plainclothes anti-crime units as crime continues to go through the roof.

Robberies are on the rise in New York City.

Daily Mail reports:

Manhattan’s Upper East Side has seen 27 robberies over the past four weeks – a 286 percent increase when compared to the same period last year, according to the NYPD.

Shootings are a regular occurrence.

Shooting violence in New York City is so rampant that CBS New York has a webpage tracking shooting incidents.

Although shootings are skyrocketing, New York City police officers are hard at work successfully confiscating illegal firearms from criminals.

Meanwhile, people are moving out of New York City for good over several reasons including the COVID-19 pandemic and the outrageous spike in crime.

New York’s high-income taxpayers are being courted by New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Last week, Cuomo begged wealthy New Yorkers to return to the state not because it’s safer but for them to pay their taxes.

During a press briefing, Cuomo said they “gotta come back” and told them “I’ll cook.”

New Yorkers and tourists are concerned about safety and security, however, de Blasio’s lack of leadership is destroying New York City leading to skyrocketing violence, crime, and chaos.