Biden Makes Bizarre Comments During Kenosha Visit

Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, and made several bizarre comments while meeting with community members over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Violent rioting and destruction followed the shooting of Blake, a black male by a white police officer.

Biden, speaking without a teleprompter, traveled to Kenosha following President Trump’s visit and made a range of strange comments.

During his remarks, Biden made a very bizarre reference to getting shot if he spoke too long.

Biden was critical of President Trump during his remarks and at one point in a creepy whispering voice, said the president hasn’t made inroads.

Biden also talked about slavery.

The Federalist reports:

“We’ve gone through a lot. We’re finally now getting to a point we’re going to be addressing the original sin of this country, 400 years old, the original sin of this country, slavery,” he said.

Somehow, Biden alleged it was a black man, not Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb and he was accused of rewriting history.

New York Post reports:

“We gotta, for example, why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes?” he told the crowd through a mask. “A black man invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison. OK? There’s so much. Did anybody know?”

A photo of a sparse audience was posted on social media.

There were numerous reactions to Biden’s bizarre comments.

Now we know why Biden’s handlers wanted him to stay in the basement as long as possible.

Biden is just too weird to be president.