Social Protest Backfire: NFL First Game TV Ratings Plummet

It sure looks like the NFL promoting social protests on the football field is backfiring.

According to Deadline, the identical TV ratings for the first game between the Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans dropped 16.1 percent in viewership compared to last year’s first game.

Each team acted differently during the pregame ceremonies.

The Houston Texans remained in their visiting team locker room during “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and the National Anthem.

In contrast, the Chiefs remained on the field during both songs.

Boos from the limited crowd, due to COVID-19 rules, began after the Texans returned to the field to join the Chiefs during a moment of silence and a show of unity.

The booing reflects the drop in viewership by fans.

The NFL pushed its effort for equality on Twitter.

Some claim the booing was for the visiting team running on the field.

Here is a Tweet that reflects that view.

The country is divided and sports teams including in the NFL are now part of dividing Americans further apart.

Not long ago, sports served as an escape from reality but now by adopting social issues as part of its brand, professional sports lost that appeal.

Expect the drop in ratings to continue as Americans reject politics on the football field.