Biden Lied About Getting Boilermaker Union Endorsement During ABC News Town Hall

Former Vice President Joe Biden lied about getting the boilermaker union’s endorsement during his town hall on ABC News.

When asked about a local boilermaker union member that criticized Biden’s energy policy because it would lead to banning fracking, Biden responded by claiming the boilermaker union backs him.

Biden said, “Boilermaker’s overwhelmingly endorsed me.”

Members of the Boilermakers Local 154 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were outraged over Biden’s comment because the union is backing President Trump.

Read the Boilermakers Local 154 endorsement letter for President Trump.

The Washington Free Beacon reports on the union members reaction:

“We had a moment of disbelief when our members started blowing our phone up because they said we flip-flopped on our endorsement,” Steffee told the Washington Free Beacon. “Nobody from his staff—nobody—has ever spoken with us, so I don’t know where he’s coming up with that.

Fracking is an important job created in the U.S. and it’s really important in Pennsylvania.

As the story notes, fracking is big in Michigan and Ohio, employing over 400,000 workers and Pennsylvania has about 320,000 workers.

Biden and his vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif) insisted they would ban fracking during the Democrat primary but now they are switching positions in order to win energy-producing states.

The former vice president promised to ban fracking on numerous occasions.

Harris initially promised to ban fracking as well.

Harris also lied during the vice presidential debate as pointed out by CBS News.

The Boilermakers Local 154 was justified in calling out Biden.

Biden’s energy policy that is based on the Green New Deal calls for a dramatic reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the easiest and fastest way to reach that goal is to ban the use of fossil fuels.