Democrat Senators Questioned Dominion Voting Systems Equipment Vulnerabilities in 2019

Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Ron Wyden (OR), and Representative Mark Pocan (WI) raised concerns about vulnerabilities over Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment in 2019.

The congress members sent letters to private equity firms about their concerns. reports:

Democratic leaders of Congress warned last year in a series of letters that election technology companies such as Dominion Voting Systems were “prone to security problems,” a result of them having purportedly “long skimped on security in favor of convenience.”

Questions surrounding the use of Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment are escalating concerning vote fraud allegations.

Dominion Voting Systems is now the focus of reports of system “glitches” that took place during the election causing votes to switch from President Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden.

President Trump commented on social media.

Last week, a member of President Trump’s legal team attorney Sidney Powell was interviewed by Fox Business Network’s host Maria Bartiromo on election fraud and she said there were about 450,000 ballots that only voted for former Vice President Joe Biden without marks for other candidates and that dead people voted.

Powell claimed a computer program was used to identify the votes Biden needed and that votes were flipped to the former vice president from President Trump.

President Trump’s attorney former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani inquired about information on Dominion Voting Systems.

Dominion Voting Systems equipment was utilized in swing states for the election.

NTD reports:

Dominion Voting Systems dominates voting machines. It holds a third of the voting-machine market. Its software was used in all swing states this year, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Nevada.

In defense of the vote fraud allegations, Dominion Voting Systems denied any wrongdoing on social media.

It’s ironic that leading Democrat politicians initially voiced concerns over the potential vulnerabilities of Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment but now their silence is deafening.

Concerns about Dominion Voting Systems need to be confirmed by President Trump’s legal team and used in the courts to challenge the election results in key states.