Congress Gone Wild: ‘Relief Bill’ Gives Millions to Pakistan for Gender and Democracy Programs

two dollar bill

After months of political bickering, Congress finally passed an almost $1 trillion relief bill for Americans suffering from the consequences of COVID-19 but the legislation is being slammed over its spending provisions.

The outrage is a result of the decision by Congress to roll the relief provisions into funding the entire government which brought attention to foreign aid spending that was included in the U.S. government’s budget.

The contrast between the $600 for Americans versus the huge sums going to foreign aid was the source of the outrage.

As pointed out on Twitter, under the bill some Americans will get $600 in a relief check but Pakistan got $10 million for a gender studies program.

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) called out the economically unsustainable path the U.S is traveling.

The focus on foreign aid made some call for President Trump to veto the bill.

Chairman of the Arizona GOP Dr. Kelly Ward slammed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) over elements in the bill.

Americans have a right to be outraged over the massive spending bill.

The bill exposes the massive waste that our tax dollars are used for and it’s especially galling at a time when millions of Americans are suffering because of the consequences of COVID-19.