Democrat Rep Pascrell Seeks to Punish Republican House Members Who Supported Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit

Democrats are expressing a keen desire to punish Republicans who back efforts to examine voter fraud allegations regarding the presidential election.

New Jersey Democrat Representative Bill Pascrell is urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) to unseat 126 Republican House members who supported the Texas Supreme Court lawsuit on election fraud.

Pascrell is using the 14th Amendment to justify his call to action against his Republican House colleagues.

Pascrell considers the Republican House members as “traitors” that want “to destroy the Union.”

Pascrell believes the Republican House members were engaged in a rebellion on the grounds their effort was intended to “overturn a democratic election.”

Unsurprisingly, MSNBC host Joy Reid urged the two Republican House leaders be removed from their House leadership positions for backing the Texas lawsuit.

Reid also used the race card claiming Republicans challenging the results of the election, “…do not and will not accept that Black voters should be allowed to cast votes, however legal those votes may be, to overrule the desires of a majority of white voters.”

The Democrats call to punish Republican House members was challenged by President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis.

It’s obvious to me that the Democrats goal here is to silence Republican views and is ultimately an intimidation game.

Threats issued by Michigan state representative Cynthia Johnson to supporters of President Trump provides additional evidence that intimidation is a feature of Democrats.

Democrats used to be champions of free speech but now those days are over.

The new Democrat strategy is to silence their political opposition by seeking to punish them including demanding a loss of political positions and even a loss of job opportunities for those that worked for or backed President Trump.

Retaliation against political opponents is a Communist strategy and it needs to be called out.