Cuomo ‘who cares’ Comment on State Underreporting COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths Backfires

New York State Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking heat following a report by the New York State attorney general that found the state’s nursing home deaths were undercounted by about 50 percent.

According to New York State Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation, the New York State health commissioner updated the total nursing home deaths to 12,743 from 8,711.

The increase in COVID-19 nursing home deaths were attributed to the way the state counted the deaths.

The lower number was achieved because it was restricted to individuals who died of COVID-19 in the nursing home facility and not the elderly that got the infection in the nursing home but died later in a hospital.

The attorney general’s report also identified cases where the state recorded a lower number of deaths than what actually occurred in nursing homes.

Cuomo held a press briefing on the attorney general’s report and his response to the controversy backfired.

At one point Cuomo said, “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

The callous remark ignited significant backlash on social media.

The significant loss of life in nursing homes and elder care facilities was tied to a state directive from Cuomo that these facilities must accept COVID-19 patients.

Early on Cuomo tried to blame his nursing home decision on the Trump administration’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance that required him to issue his New York State order.

However, Cuomo ignored the specific conditions in the CDC guidance.

Former Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Brett Giroir exposed Cuomo’s attempted deception on Fox News.

Giroir called Cuomo’s claim, “absolutely wrong,” and he noted the very specific conditions that would allow a COVID-19 patient in a nursing home, saying, “…the CDC guidelines made rare exceptions to return patients to nursing homes only when the proper equipment, training and facility isolation protocols were available.”

Giroir also said Cuomo “has to own this one.”

Here is a copy of Cuomo’s directive.

Real America’s Voice contributor Tom Borelli blasted Cuomo on Dr. Gina Prime Time on Real America’s Voice News.

Cuomo is totally responsible for sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes and for their subsequent deaths.

In addition, the underreporting of those deaths raises questions about a coverup.

The governor’s remarks, as well as his attempted deception, exposes Cuomo as a horrible governor who puts power and his ego before anything else including the elderly.