Biden Lectures Americans on Being Vigilant Against COVID-19 While Ignoring Border Surge

On the first anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, President Biden delivered a prime-time speech lecturing Americans to be vigilant against the virus by following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines while ignoring the surge of illegal migrants flooding the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since President Biden took office, there’s been an influx of illegal migrants trying to gain access into the U.S., including a surge in unaccompanied children.

A video clip shows a smuggler making numerous trips ferrying illegal migrants across the water.

Most alarming is some of the migrants tested positive for COVID-19.

Last week, it was reported over 100 illegal aliens released by the Border Patrol tested positive for COVID-19 in Texas, and some of those who tested positive were not quarantined and continued to travel.

This health crisis is exacerbated by the fact that illegal migrants don’t have to be tested for the virus, putting the health of Americans at risk.

Breitbart reports:

Since the start of his administration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has revamped the Catch and Release program. To date, Biden does not require coronavirus tests for border crossers before their release. Only migrants enrolled in the Remain in Mexico program are required to take tests.

The Biden administration isn’t the only one downplaying the humanitarian and health crisis at the southern border.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocked the crisis at the southern border.

Critics of Biden’s prime-time speech commented on social media.

On NewsmaxTV, Dr. Tom Borelli slammed Biden for catching and releasing migrants carrying COVID-19 potentially infecting Americans nationwide.

Since taking office, this was Biden’s first time addressing the nation and he was criticized for not holding a press conference for 50 days since his presidency.

President Biden lecturing Americans on COVID-19 while giving a pass to illegal migrants is not only hypocritical but grossly irresponsible.