Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Considering Tax on Miles Driven

President Biden is searching for ways to support his massive $3 trillion infrastructure plan and driving appears to be on the radar screen as a funding mechanism.

During an interview on CNBC, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said a new way to tax vehicles is on the table.

Instead of raising taxes on gasoline, Buttigieg discussed the possibility of placing a tax on the number of miles driven, saying, “A so-called vehicle-miles-traveled tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it.”

Buttigieg added the new tax “shows a lot of promise.”

Unsurprisingly, the new tax trial balloon was blasted by conservatives.

Another concern raised by this type of taxing mechanism is it would be a way for the federal government to track individuals.

Other critics urged the government to tax billionaires instead of middle-class Americans.

Taxing driving will especially harm individuals and families that chose to live in rural or suburban areas which are basically from the middle class.

Hopefully, Buttigieg’s comments are just a trial balloon but if it’s not, it’s just another example of Biden targeting the forgotten men and women of the U.S.

Let’s just call it the “deplorables tax!”