Sen Tim Scott Racially Vilified as ‘Uncle Tim’ Trends on Twitter

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott was racially vilified on Twitter and the social media site allowed the comments to trend.

Scott delivered the Republican remarks responding to President Biden’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday evening and called for unity.

Just the News reports:

“Our nation is starving for more than empty platitudes; we need policies and progress that brings us closer together,” Scott said minutes after Biden concluded his rough 60-minute speech on the House floor. “But three months in, the actions of the president and his party are pulling us further and further apart.”

During his comments, Scott said America is not a racist country and called for the importance of common ground to talk about race and called out the liberals for calling him the N-word and an Uncle Tom.

Scott also said children today “are taught that the color of their skin defines them,” and that money is being made by people ignoring the progress America has made regarding race relations.

Responding to his speech, liberals called Scott “Uncle Tim” and other derogatory names that trended on Twitter.

Critics slammed Twitter and liberals on social media.

I applaud Senator Tim Scott for his comments and for pushing back on the lies from Democrats that America is a racist country.

Scott is being attacked because Democrats want to disparage him because he’s a black Republican and to send a message to others not to speak out.

It’s not surprising Twitter made sure the derogatory comments against Senator Scott are trending – Twitter is part of the problem.