After Huge Criticism ‘Enjoy the long weekend’ Tweet Kamala Harris Recognizes Memorial Day

After getting huge criticism for issuing a tone-deaf Tweet, Vice President Kamala Harris recognized Memorial Day in a subsequent Tweet.

Harris’s Tweet saying “Enjoy the long weekend” from her vice president account generated massive criticism for ignoring any reference to Memorial Day.

The criticism was especially harsh from veterans who were outraged by her snubbing those that lost their lives to keep our nation free.

Former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill commented on Harris’s Tweet on Newsmax TV, saying, “They much rather praise social justice warriors than actual warriors.”

Fox News contributor and retired Marine Joey Jones, a double amputee, posed in front of a series of pictures of veterans who lost their lives.

Harris sent her “Enjoy the long weekend” Tweet a day after she gave the commencement address for the Naval Academy graduation where the news touted she made history.

The vice president made sure she made her address known on Twitter.

It was also noted Harris managed to push renewable energy to promote President Biden’s climate change agenda during her address to the graduates.

Following the criticism, Harris did Tweet about Memorial Day.

Ignoring the meaning of Memorial Day illustrates Harris’s callous views toward the military in general and especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Harris’s Tweet about Memorial Day rings hollow and looks like an effort to cover up for her mistake of ignoring the real meaning of the “long weekend.”