Gov Cuomo Set to Get Over $5 Million from COVID Book

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to get over $5 million from his leadership book on his efforts to steer the state out of the troubled waters of the pandemic.

In his book, Cuomo describes how he led the fight against the pandemic and offers leadership lessons from his experience.

Cuomo is set to make $5.12 million according to the New York Times and the newspaper noted that’s far more than his salary of $225,000.

Critics were outraged over the windfall Cuomo is expected to make on the book because of the governor’s false claims of sound leadership. Most concerning was Cuomo’s bad decision to send elderly patients recovering from COVID-19 into nursing homes and elderly care facilities. That decision resulted in about 15,000 deaths.

Moreover, there is an investigation into the way the book was written because of concerns his government staff assisted in its writing and the fact that Cuomo was not transparent on the actual accounting of the nursing home and elderly care facilities’ deaths.

Cuomo was criticized for profiting on his leadership book during the pandemic yet his decision cost thousands of lives among the elderly.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) blasted Cuomo.

Fox News’ Janice Dean also criticized Cuomo. Dean lost both of her in-laws to the virus in nursing homes.

Dean wrote a commentary for the New York Post where she outlined some of the biggest concerns about Cuomo including an accusation he hid the elderly death count because it would harm his ability to sell the book idea and he used state employees to assist in the writing of the book.

Cuomo knew the body count would hurt his efforts to sell his memoir, so he and his henchmen lied, bullied and threatened others to keep it quiet. It also looks like Cuomo used state resources and employees to help him write the book. Hundreds of those pages were based on lies.

The outrage over Cuomo’s book included Democrat New York Assemblyman Ron Kim.

Cuomo held a COVID-19 briefing to announce New York will adopt the latest CDC guidance.

The fact that Cuomo can yield a huge financial gain for a book on his pandemic leadership while his decision about nursing homes and elderly care facilities cost innocent lives is outrageous.

Let’s hope the investigations into Cuomo hiding COVID-19 death numbers and the use of government staff to write it will bring out the truth and hold him accountable if he indeed broke any laws.