Pelosi Shares Wrong Black Baseball Player in Failed Attempt to Honor Willie Mays

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared a picture of the wrong black baseball player in a failed attempt to honor Willie Mays on his 90th birthday.

Pelosi tweeted a picture of her and Willie McCovey instead of Willie Mays.

Both players are Hall of Fame members and played for the San Francisco Giants.

Pelosi corrected the embarrassing mistake but it came too late to hide the error.

The New York Post reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to honor baseball legend Willie Mays for his 90th birthday Thursday, but those plans were initially fouled up after the 81-year-old pol tweeted out a smiling photo of herself — and Willie McCovey.

I commented on the New York Post Tweet about the story.

The comments on my Tweet show outrage over Pelosi’s mistake.

Pelosi was called a racist.

And there was criticism about her lack of baseball knowledge.

Team Pelosi blamed the error on a staffer.

It’s ironic that Pelosi, who pushes white supremacy, was embarrassed by a racist Tweet.