Biden Bizarre Response to Reporters at White House Press Briefing

President Biden held a press briefing on Thursday at the White House and responded bizarrely to questions from the media.

Biden slowly bent over to whisper his responses into the microphone not once but several times while the press in the room stood by and watched.

Critics commented on social media.

Last week, Biden showed his bitter testy side with reporters covering his participation in the international summits.

Biden was questioned by the press about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While wrapping up his solo press briefing, Biden made it clear he didn’t like a question from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and with his finger pointed, launched into a very testy exchange with her.

It’s no wonder President Biden is mostly not in front of the media and cameras.

Clearly, Biden’s handlers have no idea how he may respond or what he might say at any given time with the press.

Biden’s bizarre behavior is concerning and while the world laughs, our adversaries are enjoying it because they are also likely making plans to exploit the president’s weakness.