Democrats Defunded Police But Blame Republicans for Soaring Crime

Democrats are blaming Republicans for the spike in crime around the country citing the lack of Republican support for the American Rescue Plan.

The bill was intended to assist with the economic recovery of local budgets in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was not specifically directed at police funding.

The American Rescue Plan was signed into law on March 11.

The Christian Broadcast Network News reports:

The problem is, while some cities did use those funds to bolster police departments during COVID, the American Rescue Plan did not include specific funding to hire more police.

President Biden’s adviser Cedric Richmond said, “Republicans defunded the police.”

Richmond also blamed the NRA for the rise in crime.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki also blamed Republicans for the spike in crime.

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott said on Fox News, “What we have done on the other side is refund the police.”

Across the country, Democrat-run cities support defunding the police.

Oakland, California cut their police budget by almost $18 million.

But Oakland citizens want the police in their community and disagree with defunding law enforcement.

New York Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman requested police to provide security at his home while on the other hand, supports the defund police movement.

Democrats are twisting the truth again. The call to defund police was advanced in many Democrat cities and it dates back to last year after the death of George Floyd.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

One year after the movement to “defund” law enforcement began to upend municipal budgets, many American cities are restoring money to their police departments or proposing to spend more.

The bottom line is Democrats pushed for the defunding of police and it is making our streets far more dangerous.

Democrats own it and all the spinning in the world can’t change the truth.