Deneen Borelli Calls Biden ‘propagandist and hypocrite’ Over Tulsa Massacre Speech

President Biden traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, this week to deliver remarks on the 100th anniversary of the bloody massacre at Black Wall Street.

As many as 300 Black Tulsa citizens were killed and hundreds injured by white racists.

AP reports:

In 1921 — on May 31 and June 1 — a white mob, including some people hastily deputized by authorities, looted and burned Tulsa’s Greenwood district, which was referred to as Black Wall Street.

Biden was blasted over the comments he made about race in America.

During his speech, Biden took the opportunity to claim the biggest terrorist threat to America is white supremacy.

Biden also made the claim that young black entrepreneurs don’t have lawyers and don’t have accountants.

I called President Biden out on Fox News calling him “a propagandist and hypocrite.”

Other critics hit back at Biden on social media.

Biden doubled down on claims of systemic racism in America during his Tulsa speech and has no intentions of doing the right thing to help unite the country despite the claim he made during his inauguration speech.

Make no mistake about it, Biden is dividing the nation on racial grounds for political purposes.