Biden Suggests Global Warming Might Be Behind Florida Condo Collapse

President Biden suggested global warming as a potential contributing factor in the collapse of the Florida condominium.

Biden traveled to Florida and met with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, toured the site, and visited with the families of the victims.

During press remarks, Biden claimed many of the family members speculated part of the reason for the collapse was global warming.

Fox News reports:

The president said he doesn’t have any “firm proof” on what caused the collapse that left 18 dead and 145 still missing, but that there was all kinds of “rational speculation,” including “whether or not rising sea levels had impact.”

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm also suggested climate change could have played a role in the Florida condo collapse, saying, “Obviously, we don’t know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising.”

Critics of Biden and Granholm commented on social media.

Democrats are shamelessly exploiting the tragedy in Florida to advance their radical climate change policies.

Biden and his administration’s timing is disgusting given rescuers are working tirelessly and family and friends of victims anxiously await updates.