Biden Takes a Knee in Week of Bizarre Behavior

President Biden had a series of bizarre behavior this week while in the public eye.

On Friday, the 2020 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers were honored by Biden and Vice President Harris at the White House.

Strangely, Biden felt the need to take a knee for the group photo.

Biden also bungled the name of Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

Yahoo News reports:

Still, the most eye-popping moment occurred while Biden misnomer-ed Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw, calling the three-time Cy Young winner Clayton “Krenshaw,” then “Krayshaw,” by mistake.

Biden held a press conference to comment on Friday’s June jobs report but was asked several questions by reporters about American troops leaving Afghanistan.

Visibly annoyed about the Afghanistan topic, Biden tersely cut the reporters off calling their questions “negative” and that he only wanted to discuss “happy things.”

While in Florida this week, Biden bizarrely suggested global warming as a potential contributing factor in the collapse of the Florida condominium.

Biden met with Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, toured the site, and visited with the families of the victims.

During press remarks, Biden claimed many of the family members speculated part of the reason for the collapse was global warming.

After a week of bizarre behavior, it’s no wonder Biden’s handlers make every effort to keep him out of the public eye.