BLM Defends Cuban Regime Blames US on Protests

Black Lives Matter issued a statement on social media defending the Cuban regime while blaming America over the protests in the streets.

Cubans took to the streets to protest against their communist government, however, Black Lives Matter praised the communist regime and demanded the U.S. end sanctions against Cuba saying it’s a “cruel and inhumane policy.”

Just the News reports:

The tweet accused the United States of causing instability in the island nation due to the longtime embargo and credited the Cuban government with granting “Black revolutionaries” asylum.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio posted a series of videos showing the Cuban regime going door to door threatening and harming Cubans.

Rubio also slammed the media for distorting the reason for the Cuban protests.

Former White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp passionately talked about her father who was imprisoned under Fidel Castro.

Other Black Lives Matter critics commented on social media.

Black Lives Matter is on the wrong side of freedom.

Of course, that is not surprising given its founder believed in Marxism.

Based on their words and actions, Black Lives Matter doesn’t really support black lives because its activism is directed at black lives when they are taken by a white police officer.

In contrast, Black Lives Matter is radio silent about black-on-black crime.

With their defense of the Cuban regime over the citizens, Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about freedom-loving Cubans either.