Ocasio-Cortez Unites with BLM Over Cuban Protests Blames US

New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a statement about the Cuban protests and blamed the U.S. for the unrest and former President Trump.

Cubans took to the streets last weekend and Ocasio-Cortez was silent on the matter until now.

Following Black Lives Matter’s lead, Ocasio-Cortez called for an end to U.S. embargoes and blamed Trump.

While Ocasio-Cortez blamed the previous administration for the protests, Cuban embargoes were initiated decades ago.

Daily Caller reports:

The Cuban embargo was initially put into place by the late President John F. Kennedy, but more recent adjustments to the policy have opened the door for the U.S. to export food to the island nation.

Critics of Ocasio-Cortez commented on social media.

The Cuban regime is threatening and harming Cubans for speaking out.

Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive Democrats have no intentions of highlighting the Cuban citizen’s cries for freedom because they want socialist policies here in the U.S. and Cubans are generally conservative voters.

It’s not surprising Ocasio-Cortez, Black Lives Matter and progressive Democrats are blaming the U.S. and not Cuba’s brutal communist government for the protests over freedom.

Don’t expect Ocasio-Cortez and the progressive Democrats to support freedom for Cubans because they want socialist policies in the U.S.