Over 230 People Shot to Death Over Independence Day Holiday Weekend

Independence Day weekend celebrations were overshadowed by shooting violence across the country resulting in the death of over 230 people.

CNN reports there were over 500 shootings across the U.S.

At least 233 people were killed and 618 people were injured by gun violence in more than 500 shootings across the country during the Fourth of July weekend, a 26% drop from last year’s holiday weekend, according to the latest data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.

Over two dozen people were shot in New York City.

New York Post reports on the violence in New York City:

The fatal victim was one of at least 26 people shot across 21 separate incidents between Friday and Sunday — with three more shootings reported early Monday, police said.

Over 90 people were shot in Chicago including a 6-year-old girl.

Chicago Tribune reports, “It was the most people shot over a July 4 holiday weekend since at least 2017, when 103 people were shot between 3 p.m. Friday, June 30 and 6 a.m. Wednesday, July 5, 2017, according to Tribune data.”

Shooting victims in Atlanta involved a professional golfer along with two other victims.

Shots rang out in Norfolk injuring four children.

CNN reports:

In Norfolk, Virginia, four children were shot on Friday afternoon, including a 6-year-old girl who was initially reported to be suffering life-threatening injuries but is now in stable condition, according to Norfolk police. The victims also included a 14-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl, and a 16-year-old boy, all of whom are expected to fully recover.

Violent shootings occurred in other cities nationwide.

Police departments are facing significant challenges, including the Democrats defund the police agenda, which is impacting morale and resulting in officers leaving the force making communities vulnerable to crime.

Daily Caller reports:

Declining morale among police officers and a dramatic plummet in recruitment have left law enforcement agencies across the country under-staffed and unable to keep up with the rise in violence. Officers leaving the force most often cite anti-police sentiment and political turmoil as the reason for their resignations.

The senseless shooting violence over the Independence Day holiday weekend and during the year is cause for alarm and highlights the brazen lawlessness of violent thugs and their lack of respect for innocent lives.

The outrageous violence occurring in the streets is happening in cities run by Democrat mayors and they must be held accountable for failing to protect their constituents.