Texas Democrat Lawmakers Who Bolted to DC Ask for ‘care packages’

Democrat lawmakers who bolted from Texas are asking for “care packages” while they hang out in Washington, D.C., to block the Republican’s election integrity bill effort.

Bolting from Texas earlier this month, Democrats prevented the legislature from having a quorum to vote on the bill.

NBC News Dallas reported:

Private planes carrying more than 50 Democrats left Austin for Dulles International Airport midafternoon, skipping town just days before the Texas House of Representatives was expected to give early approval to sweeping new voting laws in a special legislative session. The numbers meant the House would not have enough lawmakers in attendance to conduct business and could not, at least for now, vote on the bill.

The Democrats promoted their protest by posting a photo of themselves on a plane.

The Democrat legislators cried racism over the law.

The Daily Caller reports:

Despite claims from the legislators that the law in question is “racist” and restricted voter access, the new law actually expands access to the polls while scrapping pandemic-related voting measures, such as drive-through and 24-hour-voting. The state also seeks to require voter identification.

Critics of the request commented on social media.

Democrat lawmakers hiding out in Washington, D.C. to avoid their duties is outrageous and so is their request for free stuff to enable their negligence.