Biden Aggressively Defends Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

President Biden aggressively defended the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on ABC News.

Responding to a question regarding the way the withdrawal was handled and if he made any mistakes, Biden said, “The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing—I don’t know how that happens.”

The rapid collapse of the Afghan government and Biden defending the chaos was a complete reversal of what the president had promised just a month earlier.

During the interview, Biden blamed his promise on the idea the U.S.-trained Afghan troops would fight the Taliban.

Biden also got the timing wrong on the chaos at the Kabul airport.

The RNC jumped on the opportunity to show Biden saying the Taliban will not take over Afghanistan and then compared that to what actually transpired.

In addition to being pounded by critics, former President Trump also sharply criticized Biden.

On The Greg Kelly show on NewsmaxTV, Trump said “It’s incompetent, stupid, whatever you want to call it, to pull out our military before our civilians.”

Trump also emphasized the loss of American military equipment.

Biden’s comments defending the withdrawal were rejected by a CNN reporter.

Biden knows he mislead the world about the possible consequences of the U.S. withdrawal and now he is trying to repair the damage by going on ABC News and avoiding the media by not doing a press conference.

With thousands of Americas still trapped in Kabul, it’s obvious Biden’s plan was a complete disaster.

It’s way too early to say what happens next but there is a possibility that Biden’s Afghanistan blunder may cost American lives.

Also damaging is the possibility of U.S. adversaries exploiting Biden’s incompetence.